The Teacher Pay Gap in Virginia (1.21.22)

Virginia has the highest discrepancy between teacher pay and comparatively educated professionals out of any state in the country. Teachers will get a raise of five percent this year and five percent next year. However, this year’s five percent is underwhelming considering the seven percent inflation rate. There are several reasons why the teacher pay... Continue Reading →

The Myth of Capitalist Innovation (1.3.22)

One of the primary claims of capitalism’s advocates is that it creates innovation. However, the reality is that capitalism does considerably more to hinder innovation than to encourage or push it along. Much of the innovation that capitalists and their supporters try to take credit for occurred in the public commons. Much of the innovation... Continue Reading →

Food Lion Worker Testimony: Our Needs Are Essential (7.27.20)

Companies like Food Lion continue to roll out massive PR campaigns honoring their frontline employees as heroes. Some have even made token concessions concerning worker compensation and safety. However, the flashy advertising and bold headlines mask a treacherous reality for many workers in the retail, healthcare, hospitality, and agricultural industries (among others). “To say the least, I do not believe Food Lion cares about anything more than maintaining a façade. Doing the bare minimum is enough to please the customers and silence the workers.” When crisis response is left to the profit-obsessed CEOs of transnational corporations and the corrupt politicians in Washington, essential workers will continue to disproportionately bear the burden of keeping the country running.

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